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The heart  of my artistic expression is a collection of sketchbooks which  spans my existence since I started to write and draw. This body of work is a single entity, ever present, ever growing, a reflection of my life in real time.  This ensemble is  for me  the he main tool of  my  trade as a conceptual artist and illustrator. Entries are interlaced from book to book in negation of space and time. All parts are dated but none  kept in chronological order.

 With the help of these books I "triangulate" past present and future. Each entry  of any book relates to other entries on other books  as elements of  a rhizome network in which, at each perceived intersection, there can be formed a synaptic connection that manifest itself as a moment of extraordinary clarity and equilibrium, which is the base of my creativity as an artist..


J.F. Podevin  March 23rd 2015 

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