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Stochasticon XXXIV -2001- (H-96”, W-48”, D-12”)        


"Meanwhile"  reads like a graphic novel. The "weft" or horizontal belts  and the  "wrap" or vertical belts,  weave a seemingly infinite number of  narratives in each  set of four images.

Through juxtaposition of images drawn from observation, imagination, memory and dreams, it allows you, the viewer, to experience either a flow, or a clash of juxtapositions.


As you get used to the machine and your affinity with certain images evolves, you will eventually create a narrative that is unique to yourself.


On a superficial level you will appear to share the same experience as the person next to you, but to the contrary each of you will have weaved and remembered a different story.


 This contradiction illustrates the illusion of consensus in a group , versus the memory of your  unique personal experience with "Meanwhile" 


The Images were drawn in 2001. Some images involving an airliner pertain to the events of September 11 2001. The belts and the machine were completed in 2005.







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