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Stochasticon XXXIV -2001- (H-96”, W-48”, D-12”)        


This device uses the reading organization of graphic novels to weave unpredictable narratives. Through juxtaposition of images drawn from observation, imagination, memory and dreams, it allows you, the viewer, to experience either a flow a parallel or a clash of juxtapositions.


As your affinity with certain images evolves, you might eventually create a narrative that is unique to yourself.


On a superficial level you will have seem to share the same experience as the person next to you, but to the contrary each of you will have weaved a different story.


 This contradiction illustrates the power of consensus in a group , versus the memory of the experience extracted from your personal narrative.


The Images were drawn in 2001. Most of the images that take place in an airplane do pertain to the events of September 11 2001. The belts were printed in 2005.The machine was not completed until recently; it is shown here for the first time. 







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