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Art for All Ages

Un petit oiseau nous regarde

A tiny bird's eye view

A tiny bird's eye view, a feathered witness, a spy in the sky.
Your eyes blink the present moment.
Your flight heavenward unfolds tales of humans
and their secrets untold.

JF Podevin

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Planeur Vernal

Autumn Glider

The prospect of encountering an Autumn Glider is a whisper on the breeze ,
These elusive creatures gracefully navigate the tapestry of falling leaves,
I chanced upon a less than brief rendezvous with one; I once beheld their fleeting elegance, and this drawing is what I think I saw of that enchanted encounter.

JF Podevin

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Diablotin Cabrioleur

Diablotin Cabrioleur

Diablotin Cabrioleur

Body like a black bean, ears are devil horns,
He has none of the grace of herons and egrets.
But he romps, he frisks, he bounces, he bobs, he leaps, he hops, he jigs, he trips, and he prances!
You have just met the Gamboling Imp!

JF Podevin

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Reveur Eveille

Dream Walker

While we sleep, upon the pages of a dream, words detach, float and reassemble themselves in elusive patterns, slipping through the grasp of morning amnesia.
Upon waking, we persist as "dream walkers," navigating the illusion of our perceived reality. It is only when our ceaseless personal narrative vanish that the world clears up.
Then we begin to awaken to the daylight of a reality without words.

JF Podevin

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le Choix de Fu Han

Fu Han the bored and boring boring dog

Fu Han, the emperor of China’s languid pampered pug, had a colorful shiny ball and a tantalizing bone.
On the one paw, he yearned to engage in a game of catch with the bone, but he hesitated, fearing that exhaustion would hinder his enjoyment of the ball. On the other paw, a frolic with the bone risked diminishing the allure of the ball.
In the end Fu Han played with none and succumbed to the embrace of tedium.


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Homer est un oiseau

If Homer was a bird

By the magic of Calypso and that of Retsina wine, Homer is transformed into a fantastic bird, his feathers blooming into vibrant flowers.

Perched atop a quill, his melodic verses dance in the air. Each petal narrates an odyssey untold, as his lyrical plumes paint the skies with tales of gods and heroes. The green forest, a living manuscript, echoes with the sweet cadence of his winged ballads. In this enchanted bird-land, Homer's essence ascends, eternally weaving poetry into the fabric of nature's song.


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Kute Kritter

Kute Kritter

In the realm of melodic wonders, the Emperor of China's nightingale pales before the playful serenades of this adorable chick. Unfortunately, my depiction lacks musical accompaniment.
Gaze upon "Kute Kritter" until enchantment overwhelms your soul.
In an instant you'll be graced with its celestial and exquisite little voice harmonizing
with your spirit's inner voice.

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Chien Cyclope

One-eyed Jack

Ena Máti Ypirétis (One-Eyed-Jack)

On Calypso’s enchanted island where shadows whisper tales, One-Eye Jack, her lone dog embodied an imperfect beauty. Amidst playful games of catch, his single eye struggled with depth perception, turning the dance into a whimsical display of futility.
Yet, Calypso, yearning for Ulysses, found some consolation in Jack's companionship, and the realization that true solace often lies in embracing the unique, imperfect beauty of those who stand by us in the moonlit enchantment of life.

JF Podevin

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Rex le Chien Postal

Rex the Postal Dog

In a small town, lived Rex, a little dog with a peculiar idea. Rex believed that if he glued enough stamps to his head, he could travel all over the world and make his life a great adventure.

With resolve, Rex embarked on his stamp-headed journey, but it only got him nowhere very fast.
With chagrin, Rex understood that his venture was quite absurd. As he removed the stamps from his mug, Rex discovered that all along the extraordinary had been hiding inside the ordinary, and it became clear to him that the adventure he so strongly desired was just around the corner."

JF Podevin

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Rufus le porteur d'Eau

Rufus the Water Finder

Rufus, the Water Bearer

True beauty shines from within,
and acts of kindness define one's nature.

In a land of searing Sun,
lived Rufus, the ugly mutt with a golden faucet snout.

Twist the knob, and water flows,
for crops to grow and thirst to go.

J.F. Podevin

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Spiro le cheval vaniteux

Spiro's vanity

Spiro, the vain horse, is just a sketch on graph paper, while his curves defy the rigid lines, his prance is a show between order and spontaneity.
In its swagger, Spiro's vanity finds expression, proving that beauty can emerge from the harmonious interplay of a linear structure and organic curves.
The tale of Spiro serves as a reminder that true allure resides in the delicate balance between precision and fluidity. The moral: Embrace the contrast, for therein lies the artistry of beauty.

JF Podevin

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The Spirit is part of Reality

Reality is a torn "Made in China" napkin, reborn as art;
Spirit is a pagoda with legs made of coy fishes dancing on remnants of excess.

Doubts about the true extent of recycling stokes creative choices over destruction. Today's excessive production begets disproportionate waste, a perilous path towards planetary demise.
As an artist, I breathe life into the insignificant, a reminder of a needed shift in our evolving reality.

JF Podevin

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