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The fine art of Camouflage

Updated: Apr 5

The fine art of camouflage is part of a collection of paintings called "Millefiori."

For "the Fine Art of Camouflage", I create an illusion of chaos within order and of order within chaos . In order to create this contradiction I chose life forms that you would never see together in reality.

Benoit Mandelbrot, the man who brought back "visualization" into mathematics was searching for paintings of fractals that were the unique and personal creation of an artist, different from the familiar images of fractals swirls generated through number crunching. He wished to communicate the belief that artists were natural born mathematicians. He made reference to Hokusai's famous tsunami wave, the medieval tapestries called Millefleurs, the Murano glass patterns also called Millefiori, the chaotic yet reiterating patterns of Jackson Pollock's paintings and also hid own pencil drawn fractal patterns early designs.

He asked me if I would create an image or two for his latest book project at the time. I began painting this series, but following Benoit's departure shortly after in September 2010, I put this paintings aside until today.

I would like to believe that Benoit Mandelbrot would have enjoyed these images.

I offer fine art prints of this image on my web site at < >

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