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EXISTENCE- Doyle Art Pavilion 3/17to 4/18 2015


I am very honored to show my work alongside the work of my favorite artist and friend, Janice Lowry, and the work of David Gilday. The show is titled "Existence" and curated by  Kim Garrison and Steve Radosevich. 



Greg S. Gilday, Janice Lowry, J.F. Podevin

curated by United Catalysts

Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion Main Gallery, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA


Existence showcases the worlds of three artists who document their personal existence through their art practice. All three artists are prolific, processing their lives through their sketchbooks and journals, drawings, paintings, collage and sculpture, but each expresses their experience in their own way.  JF Podevin creates interactive machines, maps and serial recordings of the world around him. Greg S. Gilday depicts vehicles that act out personal relationships, stories and dreams. The late Janice Lowry used found and invented imagery and objects to tell her life’s story, documenting everything from motherhood and medical concerns to her emotions and personal philosophy. As they have lived their life’s journeys, each of these artists has left us a recording of their physical world, and shared the inner worlds of their hearts and minds.


Artist statement:


The heart  of my artistic expression is a collection of 220 sketchbooks which  span my existence since I was 19 years old. This body of work is a single entity, ever present, ever growing, a reflection of my life in real time, from which all my other projects are derived . Entries are interlaced from book to book in negation of space and time. All parts are dated but none  kept in chronological order.

 With the help of these books I "triangulate" past present and future. Each entry  of any book relates to other entries on other books in a pattern that resembles dendrites and neurons. It is a low tech time machine" made of paper. These books  represent a rhizome network in which, at each perceived intersection, there can be formed a synaptic connection that manifest itself as a moment of extraordinary clarity and equilibrium supported by memory which I call an "Instance of Eternity". I refer to this body of work as "parallel memories".


J.F. Podevin  March 23rd 2015                                                                                                     



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