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Land & Sea Change" is a collection of quick sketches from memory. 


They are drawn or painted as if they were observed from the passenger seat of a moving vehicle on the California coastline.

Each rough sketch  captures a blend of fleeting moments and impressions, reflecting the ever-shifting landscape observed during the imaginary journey.

The vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the uniformity of highway structures, the evolving play of light throughout the day, and the predominant Western exposure contribute to a continuous transformation of land and sea, reminiscent of a perpetual "Sea Change."

The collection showcases a selection of 500 sketches utilized in the prototype machine.

Compressed vertically and printed on six belts of varying lengths, these sketches cycle through nearly a trillion combinations when rotated by a spherical handle.

Anamorphic distortion adds to the experience, with previous landscapes fading as attention shifts to the current scene.


Occasionally, through a process called "phasing," six images will  align perfectly to form a unique landscape that is never to be replicated. It is a personal moment for the viewer that might evoke  fleeting memories of places once visited.

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