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Stochasticon #VI: “OCEAN PERDU" "LOST OCEAN" (1998-1999)


Lost Ocean, or Océan Perdu, is my second Stochasticon. Its captions are bilingual. The images designs lend themselves well to being juxtaposed.


In my profession as a free-lance illustrator, I had to evolve mediums of expression, from oil painting to acrylic and airbrush to techniques of painted photomontages, professional 3d software and digital imaging.


The later allowed me  to work with color combinations, speed  and a possibility of converging all artistic mediums , that were not conceivable a few years before, and in this I  saw a great opportunity for expression.


Lost Ocean is the visual expression of a multitude of personal feelings observations and experiences, each one a milestone of my existence.


The luxury of time that the digital media , (image de synthèse,) gave me allowed to be able to create images for myself that I couldn't have created otherwise. With Lost Ocean I experienced a great sense of liberation as an artist.


The images were printed by my late friend and Master Printer Christopher August in San Luis Obispo, in 1999. 


The machine was built with the help of my friends: Master Metalwork's craftsman:  Leland Means and Master Carpenter Terry Cooney.  in 1999 

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