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Breaking News                                                                                                                               

  All the clipped phrases are from an issue of the New York Review of Books' article on the history of the 20th Century. 

I clipped salient lines which as a whole put  the history of the 20th century in a nutshell, like a message in a bottle, a sort of anti-Pandora's box that would reassure that its apocalyptic encapsulated history would never repeat itself.


Instead I ended up with a mix of historical events, names, dates and places flashing and resonating at random, like unwelcomed prophesies. It made me reflect on our tendency to extrapolate when comparing the present to the past in order to derive new scenarios for the future as it unravels. It made me think of the dramatic events that  have broken through the surface of the history of the 20th century and the ones that are still lurking in its dark waters.


In honor  of 24 hours National TV journalists that have brought  the newsmakers and their events to the surface of History, I named  this Stochasticon: "Newsmakers" or "Breaking News."



                                                                                                                                                                   As Science has moved quantum leaps in theoretical physics with our understanding of Space and Time, I have been fortunate as an illustrator to express visual metaphors for books and magazines  in science publishing on the theme. I wanted to see how would  other fields of Science such as Biology or the theory of Evolution would develop when they are eventually inserted in the context of a Grand Theory of Everything. This Moebius strip lined  is a story of evolution without beginning or end.  You can read it through the cylindrical lens cursor so that its condensed typeface will become readable and will reveal a poetic yet pedestrian  revision of the theory of Evolution and of the Meaning of Life.


"...starburst, let there be light, on the first day, on the eight day, fishes crawled out of the water, some became men and women, some became flying fishes, fly by night, crystal night, long knives, long road, lonely road, road less travelled, going west, the west is the best and we'll do the rest, waiting for Godot, god is my witness, heavenly father, morning glory,  shooting star, morning star, sleepy volcano, times' mirror, central park, city lights, rocky road, chip of the old block , down the hatch, bottom's up, hungry tiger, wild monkey, working horse, hair of the tail, gone with the wind, personal best, common ground, man alive, shadow of the valley, ocean bound, the ocean reflects the moon, river of blood, "thar" she blows, the sun also rises,  starburst..." 

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