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Still Life: Sunflowers-01


A radiant sunflower  in a simple vase set on a wooden table, brightens up a small corner of my backyard.


In redefining the Still Life (Nature Morte) tradition. I use present day mediums for reflecting the complex relationship we have towards nature, each other, and objects at the "micro", "macro" and "cosmic' scales. I hope that my attempts will make you  aspire  to contemplate the lifeforce in all things great and small with  balance serenity and equanimity. 


The digital media allows  limitless possibilities of color relationship and color subtleties which do not exist in traditional methods, as this painting shows, that is why I often compose combine and bring forward my traditional work to be enhanced by the digital media.


Jean-Francois Podevin



Sunflower Still Life

  • Signed prints are a limited edition  numbered from 1 to 25, with certificate of authenticity. 

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