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"From Word to Archipelago/ De parole en Archipel, is one of the "FIat Lux" Arcana , itslef  from the Composite Memories Magnum Opus.


Signed and numbered limited edition of 25 prints of each sizes. Printed on Somerset Velvet 100% rag museum quality paper, with archival pigment inks rated to last over 100 years. Each of the prints is signed and numbered 1 to 25 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


"Difference of meaning can create islands" 

 Jean-Francois  Lyotard



These three  images within: the airliner, the archipelago and the lips are islands. The Ocean and its horizon line defining the edge of the planet and the distant sun at the horizon  is also an island lost in the immensity of the Cosmos. The lips, (my own in this image,) utter silent words, "insular iterations"  that you may imagine them saying.


"The island is an ambivalent space, as well as an enclosure, and infinite opening on the horizon; it is a metaphor that let us imagine "interiority", a singular organization of what is "said".

In Rene Char "The Word in the Archipelago,"-*1 the island is the part that is never realized , the part that is forever slumbering within us, from where it will spring tomorrow  as a" multiple". The Island is a device where a voice will originate in order to become. The island, more than any other place, is defined  by its limits, and a relationship with an "out-of-place" that can take different forms including that of "elsewhere". The island metaphor is first and foremost an imaginary space constructed by its enunciation: it represents both what it is and what it fails to name." -*2


*1)-The title "De Parole en Archipel,"  (from Word to Archipelago,)-2 is a variation on Rene Char's title: "Parole en Archipel."-*1 (The Word in the  Archipelago .)


*2)- Electronic reference : Lionel VERDIER, «All islands are secret: notes on some island metaphors in contemporary poetry (Saint-John Perse, Jean-Claude Renard, Jean Laude, Yves Bonnefoy, Lorand , Benoit Conort)», Transtext (e) s Transcultures跨 文本 跨 文化 [Online], Occasional | 2008, Online 14 September 2009, accessed 20 July 2018. URL:; DOI: 10.4000 / transepts.230

 Translation: JFP  07-2018

From Word to Archipelago


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