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MILLEFIORI : "Devadatta"


This unique artwork comes as a  signed and numbered limited edition of 25 prints for each size*.  The art is printed on Somerset Velvet 100% rag museum quality paper, with archival pigment inks rated to last over 100 years. 


The conch shell evolving clockwise and the fractal patterns evolving counter-clockwise are in a cosmic dance of their own. Their difference is their union. This image unites a natural object, with the intangible limitlessness of fractal geometry. This is where  Myth, Mathematics, and Physics meet.

I attempted to express the reverberating sound of "Devadatta," the Conch shell of Prince Arjuna as it resonates to signal the beginning of the Indian epic battle of the Mahabharata. It is when and within the unfathomable chaos of this battlefield, itself a metaphor for the struggle of life, that Arjuna is revealed the cosmic volition of creation in the dialogue with his divine charioteer, which in the end makes Arjuna come to terms with his destiny. 


 In this series Titled  Millefiori. I sculpted a virtual three-dimensional seashell,

 I used my own photos and paintings and painted the surface of the object to reflect its background.

As one of the earliest traditional painters to embrace the digital media, (Image de Synthese.) I work with professional imaging software, not as a medium to emulate techniques of the past, but to the contrary as a medium that opens the door to new horizons of artistic expression by surpassing traditional techniques.

The digital media allows limitless possibilities of color relationship and color subtleties which do not exist in traditional methods, as this painting shows, that is why I often compose combine, and bring forward my traditional work to be enhanced by the digital media.

Jean-Francois Podevin


*(11" by 14", 16"by 20", 18"by 24", and 30" by 40." )


DEVADATTA -Arjuna's Conch shell

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