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Do you take custom orders?

Yes, I take custom orders from professional interior designers and architects only.

I do make some exceptions with clients or collectors who are  knowledgeable with the techniques and materials specific to a special order. 

My client would like you to create an original piece with elements of his choice pictured. Can you do that?

Creating work on demand is second nature to me. I have worked in the advertising, publishing and editorial illustration world 

for many years , I like the challenge, and I am familiar with the process,

In such cases I begin with small pencil sketches of the basic concept and design, next I narrow it down with my client to one idea. I create a second detailed sketch of the picture , and I proceed with the finished art upon written approval .


 Also see my editorial illustration work at

I like one of your painting but it is vertical and I need it to be horizontal, can you make such a change?

In most cases I can. Having worked as an illustrator for years, I have had to adapt my  compositions to a variety of format.

As a result when I create an image very often I extend the background on all sides.

Most  decorative images lend themselves well to this sort of change. On the other hand certain type of narrative  compositions  are more difficult  to accommodate.

I love a painting of yours but the colors do not match our design project?

Since I work digitally I can make color variations to a large degree.

What I would do is to provide you with a "color comprehensive sketches of color variations, 

that we can discuss by e-mail or Skype an eventually make a small  print  to test the color match.

Can you have the work framed according to our requirements?

Mounting a print or canvas on stretcher bars is different than putting a  decorative frame around it. 

A large fine art  print on paper needs to be  protected behind glass whereas  a canvas , vinyl  or new material print with a protective coat can be mounted without a decorative  frame.  

I will  undertake mounting and framing on my side with a 40% markup on my cost.

What is the largest print that can be made?

There is a demand  in interior design for large works, ranging from  48" by 48" to  60" by 60" square.

Wall size paintings  above 60" by  80" can be created in segments and mounted on  rigid aluminum stretcher bars.  

Most of the work that I have created lately can be blown up to 96" by 96" without  any loss of detail.

Occasionally I have recreated  large prints from a small digital painting, by redoing the image altogether. 

Can you stretch or mount a large print and send it?

The cost of shipping being prohibitive for large framed work it is preferable to send the work in a rigid tube, and have it framed or mounted locally. 

I am willing to send large works mounted flat  with a  40% mark up on my cost.


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