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— artistic alchemist


More mad scientist and creative genius than mere “artist,”

   Jean-Francois Podevin creates conceptual word and picture machines

that generate thousands of possible combinations and permutations.

 His new exhibition," Left of Time,” is currently on display at SLO’s

artMinds, 560 Higuera St., Suite A, through Jan.13.

   Podevin — who’s created some 2,500 illustrations that have graced the covers of Time,

Scientific American, Business Week, Omni, and the Washington Post, to name a few



— calls his image machines “Stochasticons” and says his work is about

 illusions of time and memories.”

One of his newest devices is “Meanwhile,” an image creator that

never tells the same story twice. “Lost Oceans” is another machine

 that creates a near-unlimited combination of images.

The artist was raised and educated in

Paris, France, where he earned a degree  

at the " Ecole Superieure d’Arts Graphiques". 

His image called “The Chaos of Consciousness” 

Appears this month on the cover of Scientific American Mind

Podevin’s work is rare in that is allows the viewer to interact and become

part of the creative process. Spend some time exploring these intriguing

devices and see where Podevin’s and your creativity intersect

—Glen Starkey

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