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How is shipping handled for someone living outside the continental United States?

Because packages  can be subjects to  delays at the customs, if you live abroad, I cannot assure you of  a precise  time of delivery.

Therefore I encourage you the buyer to make arrangements  for pickup and delivery, or if possible I can arrange it for you C.O.D.

I recommend DHL over other carriers. I will  also  deduct the cost of delivery in the USA that is  originally included in the price.

Is the cost of shipping included?

Yes the cost of delivery is included within the continental USA.


Traditionally, collectors and  buyers are responsible for the transportation of their purchase once it leave an artist's studio. 

However,  to spare you  having to arrange for delivery, and other  eventualities, I include the cost of shipping the  limited edition prints and posters within the price as it applies to packages shipped in the continental USA. 

Prints are shipped  in a tube domestically  via USPS Priority first class.

If you wish to handle the delivery yourself, I will deduct my standard shipping cost from the overall price. 

What if I receive a damaged print?

I will send you a new signed  print with the same limited edition number within the next seven days.

You do not need to send the print back. 


Beforehand, take a ball pen and cross  the limited edition number of the damaged print

as well as the artist's signature. This will  take away the value of the print and ensure the value of the new print.

Next,  with your smartphone, take a photograph of the  damaged print with the crossed signature and print number,

and also  a picture of the damage packaging, and email it to: Upon receiving your email I will immediately send you a new one in short order.

What if the Print is flawed?

It is rare that this should happen, but if  there is a flaw in the printing  or in the paper, it would be  accidental and an oversight on my part.  Do follow the same steps  as for a damaged print.


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