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"Le Mirage Illusoire."


In the immensity of the Sahara Desert,  golden dunes stretch endlessly under a sheltering sky and a blazing sun. 

In this arid and beautiful landscape, a floating boulder bearing the mirage of an oasis embodies the elusive nature of our visual perception. It is a mirage within a mirage.


It suggests that what we see and believe can be  layers of illusions. 

The surreal beauty and solitude of this vision is like  a prism faceted  with a mix of reality, hope, fantasy and meaning that reflects  the heart of our spirit.


This art is available as a signed open edition, in 3 available sizes, printed on Somerset Velvet 100% rag museum quality paper, with archival pigment inks rated to last over 100 years. 

This  surreal imagery was created entirely with 3D software. It is part of a series of digital paintings titled: “When gravity fails.”


Jean-Francois Podevin

Le Mirage Illusoire

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