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Stochasticon XXXIV -2001- (H-96”, W-48”, D-12”)

With "Meanwhile" you will create your own graphic novel narrative, by accident or through your own intuition.

The "Weft" or horizontal belts and the "Warp" or vertical belts, weave a limitless number of narratives within each set of four images. The images are drawn from observation, imagination, memory or dreams. The juxtaposition of drawings will flow, clash, flash forward or flash back. "Meanwhile" mightst make you long for the recollection of a past dream, or make you portend an imaginary future, it will stir your conscious and subconscious mind alike. As you become familiar with the images, you will eventually create a narrative that is unique to yourself.

"Meanwhile" also recalls the two slits experiment of quantum physics, in which the presence of an observer alters the outcome of the experiment. Your personal affinity to some images and not to others will dictate your own unique interpretation of this work.

The Images were drawn in 2001. Some images involving an airliner pertain to the events of September 11 2001. The belts were printed and the machine completed in 2004.

Drawings from Sketchbook #115 "Meanwhile, the fIckle finger of fate." (2001-2002)

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