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DREAMLETS: Hypnogogia

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Stochasticon # XXIII: "DREAMLETS": Hypnogogia (2012)

This kinetic sculpture (Stochasticon [1],) has three movable vertical belts of images which "phase" [2] unevenly so as to repeat the same alignment every 3840 cycles. This kinetic contraption mimics the free association of after images, connected to disassembled bits of memories that flow freely on the threshold of wakefulness and sleep, also called "dreamlets" (or Hypnogogia) .

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The image that follows as this page's Header is one of the belts shown horizontally.

(Below: copy of one of the 3 belts.)

[1] Stochasticon: The word is a "portmanteau" of the word "Stochastic" defined as random variables which can be interpreted but not predicted, themselves confined within a closed circuit system, and the word Icon defined as a pictorial representation. The word was coined by Carm. K. Goode(Visual Syntax) as it applied to my machines.

[2] Phasing: The relationship between the timing of two or more events, or the adjustment of this relationship.

(Google dictionary.)

Phasing: particular stage or point of advancement in a cycle; the fractional part of the period through which the time has advanced, measured from some arbitrary origin often expressed as an angle (phase angle) the entire period being taken as 360°. verb (used with object), phased, phasing. ( )

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