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Breaking News

I am not taking credit for the term: "Breaking News." which is so overused by the media. 

I must have picked it up from tv around 1998 when I began to work on this piece. 

What is uncanny is that for the last 2.1/2 years, the MSNBC show,  "the Last Word'

with Lawrence O'Donnell has used the  animated graphic of a sphere made of paper lines of words,

that tumble within this spherical space like in a washing machine. I always thought that it queenly

resembled my machine, and being a man who knows where ideas come from, I am simply reclaiming not

the name but at least the concept of the sphere of phrases. It is not the first time that a designer in a rush as appropriated another artist's  work. 

Lost Oceans

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Alpha and Omega/ Hypnos and Tanathos

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Desert Voices

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FIAT LUX : "Let there be Light."  are the first two words in Latin spoken by God in  the Bible. 

It is also the first chapter of Composite Memories.

This arcana of 52 images pertain to creation, Beginnings, Creation, Dawn, Birth, Origins.

It is the number "1" , its shape is the Circle like the sun , it is the Monad, It is Light itself,  It's color is White,  

and it's direction is East, where the Sun rises. 

In the context of Composite Memories,  it is also cold winter mornings. Grey winter skies.  

Looking East was looking at Russia, the East block countries, the Industrial East of France, workers Union, communism.


Cosmogony is any model concerning the origin of either the cosmos or the universe.

In the context of Composite Memories, it is the sum total of anyone's personal conception of existence. 

It is shaped by one's personal life experience and relationships to the self, one's relationships to the other, one's relationships to the world.  Culture, gender  surroundings, station in life, relatives, friends, enemies, places, beliefs and  knowledge, and much more which sum total composes a  system of beliefs and personal knowledge. 

Everyone has a different "Cosmogony." 


In my work, Occident pertains to everything  that is oriented to the West  for  point of view of my personal cosmogony.

It is part 6 of Composite Memories, 

State of Emergency - Etat d'Urgence


It translates form the Latin as  “Belly of the fish”,  

Two  circles, also called the circles of Villarceaux,  intersect in their center creating a vertical fish shape. The radius shared by the circles cut the fish in half, it is called “Vesica Piscis” or the Belly of the fish. From the central point of the two circles and any one of their point of intersections one can generate the  basic shapes which are found everywhere in nature:  triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon and octogon etc...

In the context of Composite Memories it represents duality, the dyad, the pair, the union, the division, the twins, the mirror, the illusion, the lie, the polarity, the sexes, the archetypal tension between opposites. Our volition to  separate from each other and from nature is deep rooted in the dyad. Its position is the Southeast



Instance of Eternity

I call Instances of Eternity moments  of complete awareness that are lived intensely, alone or in company in silence or not, action or inaction. Moments that also can be fully remembered and fully relived.  These "instances" are always unexpected, though one can prepare for it. The best known example is Marcel Proust Madeleine experience.

It is also the title of the arcana of the same name the 7th chapter of Composite Memories, Its color is the entire spectrum, its structure and heptagon (or septagon,) its direction is North. 


Intermittent reinforcement


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vesica piscis
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