• Jean-Francois Podevin

E... but Happy!

A different kind of picture, a personal image, a digital painting, something in me that wanted to be expressed!

It started with a burnt magazine, (the penguin is created in 3d, ) a mixture of feelings about time, a flash of light, the fate of penguins, an empty model house in So.Cal, a crab legged framed Madonna running sideways in a starry night by the sea, her head: the watch from my first holy communion which makes time pass slower than it really does. The top right corner shows a lonely street bordered with palm trees converging towards a vanishing point of hope.

J.F.Podevin 12-14-18

#Visionary #Fineart #JeanFrancoisPodevin #visualmetaphors #fineartprints #Memory #penguins #globalwarming #climatechange

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